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Nv GPU Pro - About Us
About Nv GPU Pro

About Us

Founded in 2009, Nv GPU Pro is a developer of software aimed at computer enthousiasts making tools to improve the computer experiences.

Our flagship product, Nv GPU Pro, allows users to control their graphic card performance with great ease, in an automated way, all by being non-intrusive, and help reduce system power consumption, heat, noise, and increase portable computers battery life.

While our software are designed to work with Nvidia's Geforce and Quadro graphic cards, we are not affiliated with them.

The company software is proudly located near downtown in the city of Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.

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Important Note:

While we are pretty confident in our reliability of our software toward managing your graphic card, due to the nature of our programs, we cannot ensure that it will not perform any short term or long term damage(s) to your graphic card and/or system.

We encourage only knowledgeable people in the field of overclocking computer components, who also have the appropriate monitoring tools, to use our line of software. We let our user use their better judgment in setting, controlling and managing their graphic card and system.

We would like to remind everyone, that the use of our software is, as explained in the license agreement of our software, follows a 'use at your own risk' basis, and that the warranty of your system and/or graphic card and/or any other component will be voided, like any other overclock software by the use of any Nv GPU Pro software.

Even if you do not overclock your graphic card or system using our software, it is still subject of damaging your computer and void the warranty of the system and/or affected component, especially that our line of software allows you to control frequencies and options that were not designed to be changed or tested by the manufacture.

Thank you for your understanding.