Nv GPU Pro 1.0 Build 21

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Nv GPU Pro 1.0 Build 21

Postby NvGPUPro » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:51 am

New Version

Version: 1.0 Build 21
  • NEW [Management Panel] Extended help menu.
  • UPDATE [Management Panel] Menu position adjustment.
  • UPDATE [Monitor Panel] New icon for Smart Switch technology.
  • FIXED [Setting Panel] The Premium gold card does not disappear in the setting panel at the audio feedback section, when the user already purchased the Premium membership.
  • FIXED [Monitor Panel] When the system tray icon is set to show the system battery information, the profile icon does not change in the panel.
  • FIXED [Monitor Panel] Improved the power plug icon visuals.
  • FIXED [Startup Wizard] On the login screen, under certain combination of situations, the program will fall into a loop where it continuously checks if the user name and password is correct.
  • FIXED [Global] Aero enabled and Windows 8 only - Text boxes doesn't highlight properly.

Download: http://nvgpupro.com/download.php
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